Untitled Space Shooter

Untitled Space Shooter was a game that I was developing in my spare time as a personal project from September to November 2021.

The aim of the game was to defend your base, by setting up turrets to fight enemies automatically, and piloting your ship to fight enemies directly and collect resources from them.

For this project, I had three main aims:

  • Create a game that was small in scope but "fun" to play
  • Develop my skills in the Godot game engine
  • Manage a workload and hit deadlines on time

SpaceGif SpaceGif2

I had aimed to create the majority of the game within 3 months, before the end of the year. I was making good progress, but I cancelled the project in November. I had created a basic version of the gameplay loop, but it was missing the “fun” part. I focused too much on setting systems up before actually testing the gameplay to see if my game was going to be enjoyable to play. As the weeks went on, putting more effort into the game wasn’t fun anymore, as I found the game tedious to play through. I had ideas to scope back the game but I wasn’t happy with them - I think I was trying to do too much in one game and I couldn’t think of a solution that I thought was achievable that would make it fun.

Looking back, I’m glad I spent more time developing my own game - even if it amounted to no end product. For my next projects, I’m definitely going to spend more time testing and refining the gameplay, before I decide to fully commit to systems within the game.

If you want to, you can play what I created here. Bare in mind that this is merely the most current version of the game, there are bugs and lots of missing content, as well as no guide on how to play. Controls are listed below:

  • WASD to move
  • Space to enable/disable ship brake
  • Left click to shoot

You can dock with the space station by flying close to it, and then you can manage the turrets.