Hi there! My name is Jack Bulson, I am currently a Gameplay Programmer at Sumo Digital. I have worked on numerous projects in my time here, such as Critter Cafe and DeathSprint 66. I’m using this website to showcase my projects and creations.

I’ve been playing games all my life, and have always wanted to work in the games industry. I started programming when I was about 12, using GameMaker to create simple games. From then on, I went on to create lots of small 2D games, and started creating simple mods for games such as Minecraft.

In my four years at university, I gained a large amount of experience programming in C++, C#, GDScript and Java. For my third year I decided to specialise in video games, where I learned about how video games are programmed. It was in this year that I thoroughly enjoyed learning about rendering technologies such as OpenGL and Vulkan, and we were even given the chance to use GNM with a PS4 Devkit.

I have a passion for working on creating fun and enjoyable gameplay experiences. In addition to gameplay programming, I also enjoy learning about the rendering pipeline & processes, as well as programming materials & shaders. I enjoy working across multiple disciplines to solve various problems that crop up during development.